“Narrative collapse” is not working.

Cane Caldo asks:

What ways are behavior changed other than one person at a time?

This was in response to an earlier post in which I posit the difficulty level of making any real change has increased because of the level at which is must now occur. This clarifying question is a good one, because it forced me think about it more. So, here’s an example.

This blogger, a black woman is probably just about as polite, easy going, and friendly as the next person. If I met her on the street and held the door open for her (or she for me) we would probably exchange pleasantries and be on our way. That’s fine, and that’s as it should be.

But in the post I have linked, appears this interesting reflection:

Black people noticing racism seems to be a pet peeve of many white conservatives. First they complain about black people noticing, then they make anti-black racist comments, then they claim that racism either doesn’t exist or doesn’t matter or that the real racism is black people noticing racism. It’s weird. It’s like they think that racism is Tinkerbell and will die if no one claps.

Now, pay close attention to two things. This “noticing” thing is now being hijacked and repackaged from prolific writers like Steve Sailer, John Derbyshire, etc. The crime of “noticing” is about noticing stubborn, inconvenient intra-group differences regardless of your intentions. Just noticing them can get you fired, and a host of other bad outcomes.

And secondly-pay even closer attention to the context of the statement itself. (The NFL players and their stupid kneeling stunt.)  Colin Kaepernick started this whole thing–based on his own comments on social media–as a solidarity gesture with folks like BLM and the whole “hands up, don’t shoot” crowd.

But that entire narrative has been shown over and over to be false. So exactly what “racism” was Colin Kaepernick “noticing?”

And this is why the latest rhetorical device of gentile mainstream “conservatives” pointing out “narrative collapse” is failing. It appeals to an objective standard of truth that can be known irrespective of race, ethnicity, etc. But the other side does not care about any of that. Therefore, there is no authoritative source of truth that can be appealed to show, definitively that there is no epidemic of “racist” white cops gunning down innocent black kids in the street while they surrender. “Hands up don’t shoot!” is impervious to reason and facts.

This is what I meant, when I made the distinction between a one-person-at-a-time guerilla warfare of trying to heal what is broken between races and what I perceive to be an easier route if people could agree on at least some basic framework for obtaining truth.


2 thoughts on ““Narrative collapse” is not working.

  1. But that entire narrative has been shown over and over to be false. So exactly what “racism” was Colin Kaepernick “noticing?”

    Kaepernick (and the blogger you link) were noticing that being a racist black is an efficient way of getting attention, sympathy, and a good dose of self-righteous indignation.

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