Always remember the problem the Duluth model was created to solve was violent, abusive, controlling, deadbeat dads.


[The Duluth paradigm] blinds assessors to another source of threat to children; their mother. As we will see below, severe physical child abuse is more likely to be perpetrated by mothers than fathers.

Dr. Donald G. Dutton

JudgyBitch shares her story of paternal alienation in First I feared him, then I loathed him, then I forgave him and now I take care of him: the story of my Father and me.

Both of her parents were violent when she was a young child, but her mother was the worse of the two:

My mother was ecstatically violent, and my father less so, but they were both culpable.

Eventually her mother discovered feminism and drove her father out of the home.  This greatly increased the violence she and her brothers suffered:

And then….my mother discovered feminism. She exchanged one violent, irrational, dehumanizing ideology for another, and she soon decided…

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2 thoughts on “Brutal

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  2. We’re on the cusp of a technology that will take policing thought to a whole new level.
    The Chinese have invented an app to tie in “social rank” with everyone’s credit score.
    Compliance with the thought police is necessary for commerce (presumably, eventually those who do not accept will not be able to engage in commerce…think we’re all familiar with this portion of the New Testament).
    -“The State Council has signaled that under the national social credit system people will be penalized for the crime of spreading online rumors, among other offenses, and that those deemed “seriously untrustworthy” can expect to receive substandard services.

    -“They will check what kind of friends you have. If your friends are all high-score people, it’s good for you. If you have some bad-credit people as friends, it’s not nice.”

    -This score “will ensure that the bad people in society don’t have a place to go, while good people can move freely and without obstruction.”

    Think of what a person in JB’s father’s position would suffer under this system.


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