There’s only one thing you can do

I only recently discovered Christoher DeGroot a few months ago.

Last week, myself and a few friends of mine came in contact with this sort of herd-mentality-as-morals invective, and DeGroot writes here of exactly how to respond to it.

It is why I have stopped apologizing for speaking True things. (That everyone knows are True but won’t say). The society itself depends on men doing exactly this. That is, telling the Truth, sometimes throwing in a little diffusing humor, butnever falling prey to the enormous pressure from the mob to “apologize.”

Apologizing is a crappy facsimile of something the Bible calls repentance, and I just don’t do it. Repentance is good, apologizing is false virtue. The kind of apologizing they want you to do is appeasement to the God of political correctness that ultimately can never be appeased because apologizing is not designed to heal the temporal and eternal relationships like repentance is. It is cheap, comparatively and ultimately just churns you through the PC machine.

I say things to my boys and girl exactly like this race car driver did, because they are true. In fact, we kind of over do this kind of masculine/feminine reinforcement as a way to specifically undermine that which the culture tells usabout “gender.” What business is it of the mob, and why should I care?

The mob, the media gossip, and your online “friends” opinions are not morality.


7 thoughts on “There’s only one thing you can do

  1. Scott, nice job calling out the unrighteousness involved with those making a demand for an obsequious, posers ‘apology’ The original Greek, ‘apologia’, is a word that has been hijacked from it’s original meaning. By comparison, a TRUE apology/apologia is when one talks through one’s motivations and reasonings for the purpose of letting others know one’s stance, beliefs, values, and methodology. This kind of apology/ia can be quite powerful in communicating and finding common ground, and it may or may not include a repentance, depending on the circumstances.In other words, an apologia does not necessarily entail ‘rolling over’. By this definition, men should be ‘apologiating’ to their wives on a regular basis, otherwise, wives would remain clueless and ‘unwashed’.


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  3. The mob, the media gossip, and your online “friends” opinions are not morality.

    This is true and a good reminder. A lot of people don’t even realize how much of the herd mentality they have imbibed and cling to. I really hate that this guy apologized. He should have stood behind his words, but the desire for adulation and fear of losing riches kept him from staying honest.

    I used to hate that my husband NEVER apologized for anything. That’s not an exaggeration. He has gotten marginally better over the past decade but viewing an apology for what it is – a type of repentance- really helped me appreciate his honest approach. When someone like that does apologize for something, you know they mean it.

    @ Sigma:

    You’re right.about how apologia has been transformed.


  4. To my understanding, it’s seldom good for a man to ‘apologize’ to women, in the sense of deferring to their sensibilities. Saying ‘I’m sorry…’ on the other hand, is positive way to show empathy to women. In the case that Elspeth mentioned, where a real repentance is involved, a sincere apology can be transformative and inspiring. I think not enough is said about the differences between these forms of communication.


  5. An insincere apology is a lie. If I apologize when I do not truly believe I have done or said anything wrong, I am lying. Insincere apology = lying to get someone off my case, with both of us knowing what is really going on. The party who can force you to lie has demonstrated that he has power over you and will never respect you. An absence of respect in a marriage will have predictable results.

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  6. Hamilton is a four time world champion in Formula 1, the pinnacle of motor racing, and is already being talked about as one of the all time best drivers. The physical courage required to consistently perform at that level is difficult for most people to even imagine. Yet he folded immediately in the face of mob pressure, no doubt for the very reasons Elspeth and okrahead indicated.

    Moral courage and physical courage are not the same.

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